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Why should I pressure wash my home?

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Regular exterior maintenance helps keep your home’s facade clean and protected. Throughout the year your home will be exposed to rain, snow, pollen, dust & dirt and over time this exposure can cause build up such as grime, mildew, and mold, especially if it isn't washed regularly. By utilizing our eco-friendly cleaning process with the right equipment, we protect your home year-round from potential damages caused by nature and help prolong the life of your property.


You can save time by calling RDUPP for all of your Exterior Cleaning needs. Customers frequently describe problem areas around their home that they have spent hours trying to clean, but were simply unable to achieve their desired results. With the RDU Pressure Pros expertise, we eliminate trouble areas anywhere on the home’s exterior, saving you time for more important matters.

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You can avoid costly repairs with regular pressure washing. Did you know that pressure washing your home can extend the life of your paint by up to 3 years? Keeping the dirt, mold, and mildew from building up on your siding by pressure washing preserves your home’s paint, helps you avoid seasonal weathering and wood rot, all while also keeping your home looking brand new.

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Pressure washing increases your home’s curb appeal. Your home is a major investment, and as a homeowner, you should protect your investment. As your home ages, maintaining the proper aesthetic with a high standard of cleanliness will separate your home from your neighbors. 

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Pressure washing allows for precise and effective cleaning. If you have ever cleaned your home’s exterior, you know different parts of the house require different cleaning methods. Whether it is your concrete driveway, brick and stone walkway, deck frame, or vinyl siding, the RDU Pressure Pros make the distinctions necessary to ensure your property is cleaned and protected properly. 

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